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Basement Remodel


Basements remodels are a great way to transform a dated or blank space to a cost-effective addition in your home. We can transform this space into a warm, spacious family room, playroom for your children, additional room for your expanding family or income suite.



Bathroom Remodel


Bathrooms take a lot of wear and tear, and can be susceptible to moisture issues. We can help you to create a space that is the envy of your neighbours, while protecting your investment with the installation of new, effective barriers to ensure you will not have any issues with moisture. Let your bathroom be a worry-free area that fits your needs and your budget.



Kitchen Remodel


A great kitchen can make even dishes a joy. With practical options and an array of design choices, your kitchen can be the highlight of your home and the best return for your money spent.



Income Properties


Income Properties are a great investment and the Kingston area continues to have one of the lowest vacancy rates in the province. We can help your bottom-line, by making cost-effective renovations that will improve your rentals appeal and increase your income.

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